The Kindred Team

The Kindred team is Korben Perry, Gayle Rogers and Ash Trull and Amy Walsh


Appreciation & Gratitude

We want to thank everyone who has helped out with the launch of our beautiful clinic, which we hope can serve this neighborhood and this state for a long, long time.


We want to give special thanks to Rebecca Gaines, Joelle Depeyrot, Sandra McNamara and the Center for Enterprise and Women, Hailey Bathurst and the Social Enterprise Greenhouse, Linda and Jerry Walsh and family, Amy Borak, Len and Freddie at the Mills Building, acupuncturists Yvette Koch and Hadley Clark, business coach Jim Berson, Dennis McCarthy and the Rhode Island Small Business Development Center, and Lesley Bunnell. We also want to thank the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture and members Cris Monteiro, Melissa Tiernan, Caroline Picker, Andy Wegman, Alexa Hulsey, Rebecca Parker, Nora Madden, Elaine Wolf Komarow, Mark Montgomery, Christina Chan, and all the other POCA folk who work their asses off fighting classism and racism in the acupuncture industry, making sliding scale acupuncture widely available, and creating sensible training options and actual jobs for acupuncturists.

And, Korben would like to reach back in time and place and give gratitude to all my Philly comrades and collaborators with Philadelphia Community Acupuncture. Leilani Fletcher, Waliyyah Muhsin, Eowyn Reiki, Jacks Cody, Lou Cutler, Danielle Stimson, Jacsen Callanan, Vida Mia Ruiz, and all the other people that came together to build that wonderful clinic.