Kindred Job Opening: design/marketing/outreach

Kindred is seeking a skilled designer and digital media specialist to expand the scope of our current marketing and outreach efforts, and to build new marketing infrastructure to help us move from a successful start-up in our first year to a thriving and sustainable, local institution.

You have experience with graphic design, dgital/social media support-building. You also have good to exceptional person-to-person communication skills. You are able to be self-motivated as well as to work collaboratively. Tasks may include the design and production of outreach and publicity materials, design of signage connected to our building and visible at street level, the building and maintenance of newsletter and consistent social media presence, the production of short videos about community acupuncture and our clinic.

The work is part-time, between 3 and 5 hours a week, which can be set or flexible. The pay is commensurate with experience. The working environment is relaxed, where you will work independently at times, and sometimes along with the small group of founders of Kindred.